Grace Point Church
Sunday, February 01, 2015
Yours...Free!True Colors, an inspiring and beautiful book by Pastor Rick Ousley, is available free of charge at worship times.
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Humpty-Dumpty Happens

ooner or later we all find ourselves smack dab in the middle of Humpty-Dumpty’s world of broken pieces. But it’s not just Humpty’’s ours. Broken pieces--relationships and reputations, dreams and desires--beyond repair by men or methods. But never beyond the Master’s transforming touch. Christ heals hurts of the heart. He forgives flawed following. He restores repentant rebels. He gives {grace} with great generosity.

GracePoint is a place where Humpty-Dumpties find themselves at home with the hope of the One named Hope. Our doors, our arms, and our hearts are flung open wide and willing to welcome fellow Humpty-Dumpties. All because this is where hope knows your name!

Worship Time and Location

GracePoint meets for worship on Tuesday evenings.


Tuesday 7 p.m.
Dixie Harley-Davidson


From the Greek
word charis,
literally unmerited
A 3-ring binder is available free of charge for keeping Rick's message notes in one convenient place.